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Prophylactic technical service - the key to safety in the operation of gas appliances

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Deservirea tehnică profilactică - cheia siguranței în exploatarea aparatelor de gaze

Safe and safe operation of pipelines and gas-consuming installations presupposes only a continuous observance of the Security Rules by the operator of the gas distribution system in houses and apartments, but also their permanent supervision by the beneficiary / consumer throughout the exploitation period.

It's sad to see, but some consumers prefer to learn lessons from their own mistakes, without taking into account the lives they endanger.

Statistical data alerts: During the first and second quarters of 2018, 22 accidents related to the use of gas in the communal sector accounted for 45% more than in the similar period of 2017. Following these accidents only in the first half of this year suffered 36 people, of which 22 were intoxicated, 4 had thermal burns, and 7 people died.

Most accidents occur on the basis of unsatisfactory technical gas appliances / installations, the application of improvisation, self-connection, lack or insufficient draft in the chimneys and ventilation systems, the unattended stoves of the stoves and their use for room heating.

All these violations of security rules act like a delayed bomb: they do not know when the explosion, fire, intoxication, or even the death of loved ones will occur. In order to avoid unwanted effects in all cases of use of gas consuming appliances, it is appropriate to refer to the Minimum Safety Requirements for the Operation of Natural Gas Fuel Distribution Systems, approved by Government Decision no. 552 of 12.07.2017, which establish the legal, economic and social bases of the industrial safety and aim at:

  • prevention of incidents and damages to pipelines, equipment and their accessories;
  • protection of health, consumer life and the environment;
  • the uninterrupted and harmless operation of gas installations, ensured by appropriate technical service.

Dear consumers! Technical service, repair, installation, commissioning of gas-consuming appliances - are works with increased danger, which can generate explosions or deflagrations with devastating proportions - do not try to do them on their own!

LLC "Bălţi-Gaz", as an authorized operator of the natural gas distribution system, owns a team of competent specialists in the field and a powerful arsenal of technical-material equipment, for exercising according to the requirements of the normative documents of the works of commissioning, repair and servicing of:

  • internal gas pipes
  • cookers
  • heating stoves.

Careful! For the correct and safe use of natural gas it is necessary:

  • until the start of the chimney repair works to inform LLC "Bălţi-Gaz" about the need to disconnect from the gas supply systems,
  • to present at the request of collaborator SRL "Balti-Gaz" the documents for checking the technical condition of the chimneys and the channels / ventilation systems.
  • o conclude contracts for the technical service of the gas-consuming installations with LLC "Balti-Gaz" according to the provisions of point 177 of the Regulation for natural gas supply and use, approved by the ANRE Board of Directors Decision no. 415 of May 25, 2011.

View cthe model contractfor technical service delivery at

To conclude contracts You can contact us at:

The Consumer Relations Center,

mun. Bălți str. Sf. Nicolae, 43                                           - tel. (0231) 52-130

Branch ”Bălți-Gaz”,

mun.Bălți, str.I. Franco, 19/3                                            - tel. (0231) 52-201

Branch ”Glodeni-Gaz”

c.Glodeni, str. Tricolorului ,10,str.Veteranilor, 5               - tel. (0249) 23-737

Branch ”Sângerei-Gaz”

c. Sângerei, str. Buianov, 6                                              - tel. 0(262) 21-804

Branch ”Fălești-Gaz”

c.Fălești, str.Al. cel Bun, 21a                                           - tel. 0(259) 25-404

Branch ”Râșcani-Gaz”

c. Râșcani, str. 31August, 38                                           - tel. 0(256) 23-996

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