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"Bălți-Gaz" Today

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The Company "Bălți-Gaz"LLC is a part of moldo-russian Joint-Stock Company "Moldovagaz", and has an experience of 65 years in the distribution of natural gas. The company's mission is to serve the gas pipelines and to operate the gas equipment.









Currently the company operates more than 1780 km of gas pipeline; it has 39 main points of the gas pressure regulator and other accessories forming gas transmission system that supplies natural gas to the national economy and the residents of the service area "Bălți-Gaz".

LLC "Bălți-Gaz" includes:

  •  "Bălți-Gaz" Branch;
  •  "Rîșcani-Gaz" Branch;
  •  "Glodeni-Gaz" Branch;
  •  "Sîngerei-Gaz" Branch;
  •  "Fălești-Gaz" Branch.

From its very beginning, the company focused on the work with the consumers and the creation of the most convenient relationships between consumers and the organization. It continues to develop a constructive cooperation with more than 59,000 consumers in the service area and 39,600 ones in Bălţi town.


Gases Emergency Service (GES) is responsible at any time of the day for the localization and liquidation of damage situations; it keeps safe the gas supply to consumers, it makes permanent training in order to detect the location and liquidate possible damages.

Having such purposes, the Gas Emergency Service is provided with new vehicles completed according to the requirements of Safety rules for the Gas Economy. The workers of GES regularly attain training lessons on localization and liquidations of damages.










The important task in the operation of gas pipelines is their protection against corrosion. This problem can be solved by the installation of stations of the cathode protection whose number is 83. For today, instead of steel, it is used polyethylene gas pipelines. Such gas pipelines are not exposed to corrosion and serve 10 times more than their predecessors.

In order to improve gas records, we establish household gas meters for population and high-quality modern knots of evidence for industrial consumers. To check gas meters domestic territory, there are special laboratory equipped with necessary inventory.










LLC "Balti-Gaz" has a newest Practical Training Center, where employees can train at any desired time.


All these activities are completed successfully by qualified employees. LLC "Bălţi-Gaz" is proud of its team. In number of 475 people, the company employees are always eager to do whatever is required for each consumer, in order to satisfy them with rendered services.

Professionalism, resourcefulness, timeliness, responsibility and kindness are qualities that ensure success of the company and of course, effective communication with consumers. Team members of LLC „Bălți-Gaz" say that their success is determined by consumers who gave them confidence and motivated them to be the best.










For the future, LLC „Bălți-Gaz" has big plans namely, aims to become a company at a competitive European level. In this regard, in the company, it has already been implemented international quality standards: OHSAS 18001:2008 Ocupational Health and Safety Management System and SR EN ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management System.

LLC „Bălți-Gaz" is a people-oriented company, we work for our consumers!

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Hot line

Our hot line 
/0231/ 2-79-30

Single acces window

For all questions please contact Single acces window :

Bălți m., 43, Sf.Nicolae,str. tel:0231 52130
Rîșcani t., 38A 31 August str., tel:0256 23881
Glodeni t., 10,Tricolorului str. tel:0249 23274
Fălești t., 21A, Al.cel Bun, str. tel:0259 49001
Sîngerei t, 6, Buianov str., tel:0262 92404

Emergency gas service

In case of gas smell call 904

Current tariff

Up to 30m3 - 4 705         without VAT

Above 30m3 - 4 895                                    without VAT