Thursday, 21 September 2017 00:00

ATTENTION - natural gas disconnection!

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Dear consumers,

Due to necessary work execution, We hereby inform you, that on September 27th, 2017 and on September 28 th will take place natural gas disconnection in the v.Dobrogea Veche, v.Dobrogea Nouă, v.Cubolta, v.Hăsnășenii Noi, v.Moara de Piatră.

We apologize for the created discomfort!


Friday, 15 September 2017 00:00

ATTENTION - natural gas disconnection!

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Dear consumers,

We hereby inform you that on September 20th, 2017 from 09.00 till 19.00 will take place natural gas disconnection due to necessary work execution at the following addresses:

1.PRG 52

Bulgara str.houses nb.24/1 to 24/15.

We apologize for the created discomfort!


Friday, 01 September 2017 00:00

ATTENTION - disconnection of natural gas!

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Dear consumers,

We hereby inform you that from September 5th, 2017 until September 08th, 2017 natural gas disconnection will take place at the following addresses:

1.PRG 6

6-14,Televiziunii str.

6-27, Ostaf str.

6-12A, Rîșcanilor str.

1-15, Calmațui str.

1-11, Livădenilor str.

2-57, Arțarilor str.

127-137, Decebal str. 

2-18 and1A-13ADamian str.

38-94 Smolean str.

2-48 and 4A-14, Mărțișorilor str.

2-15, Corlătenilor str.

2.SRG 125

101A, Decebal str. 

3.SRG 451

2, Crângului str.

4.SRG 351

125, Decebal str.

5.SRG 371-232

131, Decebal str.

6. SRG 157

Smolean str.LLC"Lido-lux"

7.SRG 54-54A

I.Franco str. "Centaur"

8.SRG 214

38-40, Conev str.

9.SRG 399

136B Decebal str. 

10.SRG 193

Cearupin str."Lac"

11.SRG 62

 121A, Decebal  str.

12.SRG 156

4A Damian str.

13.SRG 58

Decebal str. "M.Russu"

14.SRG 205

136,Decebal  str.

15.SRG 130

 5, Alexandru cel Bun str. "Bum"

16.SRG 449

34/1, Conev str.

17.SRG 310

Smolean-Decebal str."Car wash"

18.SRG 339

1/9 Corlătenilor str.


We apologize for the created discomfort!


Monday, 03 July 2017 00:00

Incidents - due to weather conditions

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According to the operative data of the Gas Intervention Service of LLC "Bălţi-Gaz" following natural disasters of the last period, took place 6 incidents at the pipelines in the activity area of ​​the enterprise.


Incidents caused by weather conditions led to the fall of several trees on different pressure pipelines.

There were registered: one case at the "Glodeni-Gaz" branch and 5 cases at the "Balti-Gaz" branch.

As a result, work was done to eliminate the consequences of the storms, in order to operate the pipelines in a stable regime.

It is to mentionate that the Gas Intervention Service operates non-stop to intervene in the liquidation of emerging incidents.

According to meteorologists' forecasts, in the coming days, there are expected rains with electric discharge, including strong winds. Respectively, if in such circumstances you are witnessing the fall of a tree on the gas pipe or a smell of gas, please call the Gas Intervention Service at number: 904.

LLC "Bălţi-Gaz" Administration


Friday, 30 June 2017 00:00

Beware, the gas pipeline!

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The specialists of LLC Balti-Gaz remind residents and heads of construction organizations of the rules for conducting excavations near gas pipelines.

Hundreds of kilometers of underground gas distribution networks are laid along the territory in the service area of ​​ LLC Balti-Gaz. The warning and information signs with which they are labeled, isn’t a reason for independent determination of the pipeline route on the ground. All excavation works in the security zone of gas pipelines should be carried out after a written agreement with the owner of the gas networks or the operating organization in the presence of their representative.

If it is necessary to perform excavation works in the protection zone, in order to prevent damage to gas distribution networks, it is necessary:

- to receive a written approval for the work;

- to call a representative of LLC Balti-Gaz 3 working days prior to the beginning of excavation to clarify the route of laying the gas pipeline on the ground;

- to instruct the workers who are engaged in excavation, on the observance of the rules for the protection of gas distribution networks and the requirements of the representatives of LLC Balti-Gaz;

- perform work in the gas pipeline security zone under the supervision of the work manager and without the use of percussion instruments.

According to the "Safety Rules in the Gas Economy" NRS 35-04-09:2002 item 6.3.41: "Production of construction, including excavation works at a distance of less than 15 m from the pipeline is allowed only upon written permission of the operating organization of the gas sector, in which Conditions and the order of their carrying out should be specified. To the permit, a diagram of the location of the gas pipeline with the anchors shall be attached. The organization conducting excavation works must submit to the enterprise for approval the draft plan for their production, developed taking into account the requirements of SNiP 3.02.01 and SNIP III-4 ". item 6.3.44: "In cases of construction of buildings, canals, collectors and tunnels close to the existing underground steel, polyethylene gas pipeline, and the crossing of the pipeline by the above engineering facilities, construction organizations shall comply with the requirements stipulated by the draft and existing regulatory documents."

If a construction work is found without a corresponding written permission in the protection zone of the gas pipeline, the operating organization must take measures to stop them.

In case of violation of the rules for protecting gas distribution networks and damaging gas pipelines, the guilty legal and natural persons are liable and compensate for losses incurred to the proprietor organization in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

Spirits burned at LLC "Bălti-Gaz" after the start of the XIVth edition of the Spartakiad employees of the enterprise. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 00:00

Let’s not be indifferent!

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The World Blood Donor’s Day, which is celebrated annually in the world on June 14, is being held this year under the title "How can you help? Donate blood! Donate now! Donate Systematically! "and aims to raise the importance of the act of voluntary blood donation and to draw the public's attention to this important area of public health.

This event will take place at the "V. Alecsandri" National Theater in Balti, on 14.06.2017 between 09-00 and 15-00.

Those who wish to participate in voluntary donation have to come at the blood collection point with their identity card.

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